Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Lets start with the beginning...

For the last year of university my final major project is based on the theme of maps. This idea came from a project I had completed at the end of 2nd year.
The project was called 'Hulme, sweet Hulme' which was based on community groups from across Hulme that have been working with Manchester Metropolitan university to create a new textile exhibition that celebrates the unique spirit of local people.
I took part in this project by creating textile maps based on routes of my home town from chilhood memories.
From the images above you can see how simplified they are, but this is how I remembered my journeys to school, the supermarket, my best friends house etc.

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  1. breathtaking, and such a beautiful idea. my sister and i used to put a pen lightly on a page when we set off on car journeys and let all the bumps make a map of the bumps of the journey.. i wish i'd kept them all these years.